An Archaic Melancholy

by Charles Garant

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First studio album.


released February 29, 2016

All music & lyrics by Charles
Recorded at home.



all rights reserved


Charles Garant Quebec, Québec

Charles Garant.


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Track Name: Blacklist
It's about time for me to go
Out of the tide I'm plighted in
Though it is strange to lay around
This secret doorway
Tear up the place so nothing left
Just as the sea cleans up the bay
Forgot the place and I don't know
Just where it's going

Cold times they're on their time
And you better get away while you're fine
Cold times they're on their time
Oh, time

Cold times, roll down 'til you're blind
Throw down the outline
And go back to your life

I guess everyone's on the list
So let's pretend we don't exist
I'll light a candle just for you
To keep you going
The more you run from me the more
I'm getting lonely but I try
You're not the only drop in the sea of sadness
Track Name: Green
Lay down cause I’m not sure it’s on my fault
Tell now, that I went stupid getting old
Let it down, I’m still a human on its hope
Say now, I won’t be coming at your door
Settle down, don’t reappear when I walk home
Say now so that your track is on my way

Don’t mind
My way
Don’t mind

I’m a kid but I’m all right
You may not know you’re stupefied
I’m a kid but it’s all right
You’ll get to know you’re petrified
Still a kid and I’m not right
You ought to know you’re testified
I’m not a kid so listen up
Now get your ass off my way
Track Name: Monsieur le President
Too Dumb to say hello
While I was watching the blade
Falling down to mine
And bursting my head into day

Too young, I fall to know
And how could I exagerate?
so change your mind for now
can you help me dragging hate?

Fake out I’ve made it out for this time
fake out, I’ve been around, not a foe

You meant a certain kind of weakness
that I hope would fly away
now I accepted that I would
send you fuck right away back to

Fake out, I’ve made it out for this time
Fake out, my time has gone away as I
Fade out, I’m gone away for some time
Fake out, I’ve been around, not a foe
Track Name: Everfree
Hello there
What you see
Is a land of everfree
Give a look
To the sky
And see what separates you and I
I know you can feel the screams around here
They're heading down to you
Nothing to be scared of
We all get lost
In the maze of everfree

Oh, what I did
Was quite unclear
And I woke up
Just from my fear
My enemies comes in waves
Should I run
Should I lay
All around
Out of bound
But I forgot the way you sound
Called your name
Looked around
And I don't know the path I found
All I see
Just from now
Is the ghost of you

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Babe, turn it down
No need for now
To head your voice in the lost and found
Stir it out
Shake it out
So you can taste your mantra
Dance in the fire
Bouncing pyre
Light the shades like you used to
Live outta life
All in time
So let's just play on
Track Name: The Upper Floor
Passed midnight
Feeling alone
Everybody but me seems so busy
Walked around the alleyway
(Darling I'm here to stay)
And ended here
In the rain

I'm entering to the upper floor

Transformation, not saying jubilation
I will fight for my head
What happened to my head?
Found my confesser and strummed my condition
It's far away
And I fell
You got me thinking about it
And I jump
And I crawl away

Love, love, love
Track Name: Young's Dead
Reflect in a straight line
Defect in the main light
Young’s dead, what can I say?
Where is that deepest side of me?

who’s calling, who’s calling me?
I’m falling, I’m falling free

Back then, there was a house
Where we used to play whole days
Grandma and I were kicked out
Too bad cause they’ve picked it out
Right before I planned to grow up
and so I never did to this day
I won’t be living in the bad light
Get my point here to stay
Track Name: Feathers
Seeing a funny picture is
evilly remiding
a metronomic maze
that fell into this place

And wrestling holograms
That came to me insight
strangers, they can’t find
for their counterparts

Don’t come back to me
Cause baby you won’t see that
You were tamed to be
A little piece of mine
Don’t get back and
Don’t stand what we all can recall love

See, we don’t belong this world
The vultures make me blurred
You start to lose feathers
Well listen to my fever

Don’t come back to me
Cause baby you won’t see that
You were tamed to be
A little piece of mine
Don’t get back and
Don’t stand what we all can recall love
You’re so far away
Don’t want to stay
Track Name: Gloaming Recovery
You get me high
Dive in an endless hole
No time for lies
Truth waits for being told
I can't explain the way you make me feel
Oh I'm just fine
It's like a murder when you pass me by

Right now you get around
My head is stuck on you
You are the only one
I've got the make on through
I was just wondering the way so I could make you mine
You're gone away it's time to close my eyes

Because I've waited down on Earth
I know it sounds unreal
I'll found a way right through the blur
Oh no
You're getting this all real

I watch the sun
It's getting on
I got it well defined
I hear the sound
The city ground
I see it in my mind
As it begins to fade away
I'm coming shivering
I gotta tell you this is frightening
Track Name: An Archaic Melancholy
Frayed through light
A way to your mind
Braved your tempest
Alone is was best

And now on you can feel
More than you can feel
In silence

What if the old faithful erupted at midnight?
Track Name: Set Me Free
Yes I have made a twist in line
I never saw a part of sign
But then you opened up
And you told me up
What my secrets made in time
I kept everything in my mind
But then you made it
All your mind
And it went on and on and on and on

You set me free

I should have f**kin' told you up
But then my secrets they made up
And it went on and on and on
'Til my secrets failed apart
Can everything be all right?
Before you made all your mind
And it went on and on and on and on

I'll take
One time that was always
One time that was nineteen
One time that was lying
Track Name: Psychics
A cold dime
On and on, holding on hope
Got me so low
Way down
I can't find you
But I'll find you
These feelings can't get old
I'm fine
Holdin' on, holdin' on hope
I'm a fiend

Where have you gone?
So far away from me
I wanted to know
Where have you gone from me

My archaic melancholy
Track Name: Alone (In The Cafe)
Come on
Been slipping above you
Got away
And I lost you too
On and on
I've walked away from you
It's sad to say
But I hate it too

And if you leave it home
When I'm waiting on you
Won't you stand to see me go
'Cause I'm moving from you

You can try
Every night
Waiting for the colour Fall
How it is
It's the end
Alone in a lonely fever

And if you leave it home
When I'm waiting on you
Won't you stand to see me go
'Cause I'm moving from you
And it can't be right over
'Cause it's goodbye to you
So understand
Get it over
I'm just moving from you