The Blurs

by Charles Garant

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Second studio album.


released December 30, 2016

All music & lyrics by Charles Garant
Recorded at home.



all rights reserved


Charles Garant Quebec, Québec

Charles Garant.


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Track Name: Phantom Vessel
And I keep sailing in the night among the phantom vessel
Keeps appearing/disappearing along the lunar cycle
Get closer, melodies play
Circle around, fogs are all grey
Won't get in there unless you find the key

I laid a couple steps away so I can see what I could find
But all of a sudden you wanted to without me thinking here is fine

I can't turn out your mind as always
Re-levitate along the way
Gonna tow my line away
And the doldrum whispering by

Every night I fall in line
Imma go where truth is lying
I'm the guild and turn the right
I'm an essayist
Track Name: The Blurs (In The Evening Tide)
I found myself in my favourite village
Suspended autumn with frosted decor
Though the place wasn't the same
With lots of lit up shacks among the mountain
Facing the bay

Alone you stayed, alone in spite
But your old ways they're gone away from you

You'll be down as you go through you
But you'll go down as what you hang on so much

As every night I fall in place
I may be gone without a trace
And all my feels might founder
I wouldn't be the same
And I begin to dim the bright
Promise me you will see the light
You are that someone I can confide to
Let me see you
Track Name: Snoot
I had a dream where you and I
Were sleeping in the youth hostel
We were locked in, two days gone by
Then suddenly you fade away
A week before I saw you live
I couldn’t believe what I’d seen
It’s why I wrote of you and I
And maybe you will notice me

For all the times that I can remember
You were hanging a sorry face
Yet all the time you were yelling at me
Claiming for the aloe juice
For a second I was pretending to be your lumber jacket ah!
Apple green eyes found
Fell away back down

I'm on my own
I'm all alone
And if I can't be with you
I will find a way to come back new

Scram away
A noise of ceiling blower
Spreads away, like a siren’s warbling
Stand by like a candid fly
Shout away, strike away, watch it all go up in flames
Snaking up to the sky
Let me your alibi

I’m so helpless give me some
Spanish saffron now
Track Name: The Moment When I Fade Away
I’ve got away for some time
Made my way into space
Took a walk outside of town
Gazed onto infinity
And new places I find
But done ain’t my time
In the strife of my own life
I struggle and strive
Then I go down the stairs to find
Holocenes & hologram
Like transdermal celebration
None of theses secret paths I do know

Got me two more reasons to live
Up to my fullest dream

We’ve got to know how we ough to
Take it out and start a new relay

Face of stone like they hide behind fire
Under a light which had turned themselves to liars
Oh he’s got someone to hide behind his back
Never we know if he’s gonna come back
I never claimed to be wiser than others
Like they were saying we’re born equally clever
It’s only the way you are taking that depends
On the result that will pop through in the end

It’s taking time to make it happy
Got to ostracize the pain
Track Name: Storms
Look what I found
Down the hallway
I could read the plan
Then fly away from you
Came out of town
On a highway
We could make a change
Then slowly fade away
Looking outside in the snow
Nautical docks laying smoke
Got me thinking I would never go
But I still fight my sorrow
I might sit back somewhere
I might cancel
Way in the fall

Find me to the hall
Game into me whole
Find me to the fire
Where I would guess to be alive
Drop my cause to love
And slowly fade away
Godless places you call home

Back from the island
I get inside
The house dark and grey
I can tear my soul
I can tell em swallow me whole

There’s a growl you lay
Far to reach the play
But I can hear a sigh
I used to wait to see the dead light
Stoitian alive
Stranded in the night
Permutation of my own
Track Name: A Mess Of Me
Lost in a way
That I cannot explain
I'm a mess
A mess of me
And things do happen
But it ain't my burden
In a mess
A mess of you

I feel a bit scared
'Cause I'm falling into despair
Inattention in the evening tide
And you rematerialized
Now I've got away I can't forget
The way you take it
In a cell
A desperate land
A mess of you

Ran around in circles
Stepped outside my comfort zone
Storm arose before my eyes
Time has come to realize
Garam masala in between
Frankie Teardrop on repeat

And my soul
Got me solo

Tell me, tell me, tell me how
How I've blurred myself in awe?
The one thing to matter now is to become someone again
Not to depreciate the fact not to ever forget
Not to ever mess again
I'm selling all
The sails that caught this current
Track Name: Longer
I know I’ll get through it
To make me, make me lost
I might get to it
I gave in all my lust
I know I’ll get through this
To make me, make me lost
I know I’ll get through this
To tame my loss

All this I had done before
It don’t mean a thing as I went on you
All the things that I’ve done before
They ain’t relative to what I am now
I might be thinking I’ll be down
With my own world in front of me
Might be starting to pretend
To sing out of me

Hey, help me now
Help me found my doom
Hey spread away
Let me stay down to
Let me do
My darling
Track Name: Old Song For The Young Time
Something in the month of may
That I had to get away from
I’ve cared but the truth is fine
And I guess that I’ve done my time
But now it’s too late for the knot to retie
And anyway it was a great big lie
But there are two ways it ain’t no longer mine
I have to guess I’ll take a look outside

I lost my way
I’ve cared without
Though I’m just missing you
As the water mill is swirling
give away?
I can’t do that
I’m just missing you
As I’m so away now

I took a bike ride
Out the woods
the sun on my face
And then I realized
It is the vision I’ll be having
when one day I’ll find
ten years have gone behind me

So away now
I’m envying that sound
Make it smile
Track Name: Calm After The Storm
I decided to get out
And have a look at what’s around me
War had started in my own
Unsteady yet unsilly brain
What a warm day in the sun
In the very heart of May
We paid a visit to my uncle
He was busy renovating
I picked up his 335
Started playing then guess what
Had this 3 chords song
without an obvious thing to say

As I go along the doorway
I found a way not to give in
I had just to take a breath
And tell myself the end is near
Trying not to hang around
With your mind getting into laze
Cause every step you take
It brings your body close to home

Don’t come back

Came back home ran the stairs
Then twenty minutes later it was born
Track Name: As If Nothing Was
‘Bout Eleven
An old afternoon
In heaven
The eighteenth of June
It was Thursday
After father’s day

And time
Has frozen all

The school it had shut down its doors
On the way home, I looked in the far-off
The refinery had a flame 40 feet tall

All together in the Blurs